Saturday, July 30, 2011

Equality of Life

I have been thinking lately, and I think I should explain my "mission statement" of life. Hehe :D  It's what I fight for and what I believe in. 
I believe that all living things should be treated equally.

Let that go down in history.  I hope that everyone can soon realize this about me.  This is what I'm fighting for. 
All people should be treated equally and fairly.  Everyone should get an equal chance at anything, no matter what their gender, culture, personal identity, race, family income, looks, voice, intelligence, etc.  And I fight for this kind of equality too. 
At the same time, no animal should be treated below us.  Not one.  Animals should not be used in animal testing, they should not be eaten, they should not be tortured or trapped, they should not be poisoned.  Animals are living things just as much as we are.  They feel and eat and breathe and communicate just as we do.  But for some reason, we have made humans the king/queen of the chain.  And no, it's not just the food chain, it's everything.  Animals are do not belong to us. 
Thirdly, plants are living things too.  Plants grow, they breathe, and they help us breathe by taking out the carbon dioxide in the air.  So why do we cut trees down and pull out weeds and poison them and mass produce them? Not sure, but I don't believe this is right. 

So I know you all probably think I'm crazy here, but that's okay, i'm used to it.  I believe this is possible.  Do I live in my own little fantasy world?  Umm yes, I think so.  But I'm alright with that.  I just wanted to explain my thoughts on the subject of equality.  It's not limited to animals, it's all living things.

Sooo, how does this kind of world happen, anyways?  I guess with a whole lotta work.  When it comes to the human side, love eachother, will ya?  For goodness sake, we are all so similar!  So respect those who are different!  

When it comes to animals
  • Try being vegan,
  • Adopt from shelters,
  • Don't kill the mice in mouse traps, use a humane trap,
  • Don't support products that test on animals by buying them,
  • And write to your government and tell them how you feel!  Write to companies, too, they take their consumers seriously.  And don't be afraid to make yourself heard! 

As for plants,
  • Don't use pesticides or other chemicals in your yard,
  • Don't break branches off a tree cuz you felt like hanging off it- respect it. 
  • Grow plants, grow your own food (I do, it's easy!)
  • Use less paper goods
  • Recycle, so that another tree or plant doesn't have to be hurt for more of something.
  • Reuse! This can be better than recycling at times! Try to find new uses for old objects!

Life is all here for the same reason- to live.  All living things should be treated equally, and with respect.  Love those who are different than you, whether it be a person, an animal, or a plant.

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