Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Animal Rights

This website, Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach, is about nonviolence for all living things, being vegan, and treating living things with respect. Love it <3 All living things should be treated equally, no matter how small. Because they all have feelings, and they can all feel pain. Animal testing is cruel and painful. Slaughtering animals is not right either. There is no kind way to kill an animal. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This includes animals. Description

Summer Goals

Ok, so now that it’s summer vacation I’ve decided to set some goals for myself.
1.       Run every day over the summer with crazy challenges- running up steep hills nonstop, running to Walmart while my parents shop and meeting them there, run 10 miles, etc.
2.        Read a bunch of good books.  Of course there are my summer reading books, but there is a list of books I’d like to read.
3.       Learn more piano.
4.       Go fun places with my friends and boyfriend.
5.       Go to more museums
6.       Tour places that treat animals cruelly to get a closer look at how they are treated and stop it
7.       Be completely Vegan
8.       Get more organic things
9.       Learn more recipes and make more meals for my family
10.   Get a job
11.   Learn French- finish up an online course and get ready for Spanish next year  :D
12.   Do more with the Clothes Drive of course! –a drive I started to collect clothes, housewares, toiletries, bedding, and other items for tornado victims
13.   Day trips- just those interesting places that I live so close to but have never really been to.
14.   Lots of picnics! I love picnics-hopefully more sunset ones
15.   White-water rafting
16.   Camping
17.   Night-time outdoor activities (the most fun!)
18.   Beach days!!
19.   Music days- days where I spend the day singing, dancing, and just loving music!  Hopefully more shows and concerts to see this summer!
20.   Do one crazy outgoing activity I haven’t thought of or tried yet

Hoping to accomplish ALL of these this summer!! Let’s see how well I can do this! :D  I’ll keep you guys posted!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

If I were....

I have decided it would be fun to see what it would be like to be different people and what I would do in their shoes.  So, I've made a list of "If I were"s and I hope you guys will answer them too! :)
 If I were...
A doctor.... I would listen to the patients more, you know, actually see how they feel and see if I can really fix it instead of just giving them medicine and blowing them off (I've had doctors that do this, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one)

An English teacher.... I would really read through and correct exactly the things I think they should change instead of just giving a letter grade.  I would also respect all different artistic talents and ideas instead of giving a letter grade and no corrections.

The President/Congressman/etc.... I would put a tax on harmful pollutants to encourage people to buy more environmentaly-friendly.  Things such as electronics, products made at a plant that polluted the air, produce that flew over seas, and all those things that hurt the environment.  So that no more people can say "It's just cheaper this way".

A famous actress/singer.... I would not give into the world of the famous and I would try my best to stay somewhat normal...easier said then done of course, but possible.  I would enjoy this one too.  I think I would be both an actress and a singer, my instrument for on stage and in studio would be my piano. <3

A Zookeeper... I'd make sure all the animals were in perfect condition, and I'd probably try and help them escape.  This would probably not be a very good idea for me.  Neither would a pet store owner.

A big business owner... I'd make sure we helped people more and had lower prices! We'd offer tons of sales all the time to anyone- never mind coupons they just waste paper, time, and the company's money.  Everyone would get the sale price.

A person in charge on Sesame Street... I'd make sure the cookie monster was kept.  We can keep the veggie monster too, but I was very upset when the cookie monster was gone. ;)

A worker at a Butterfly Museum... I'd sneak in after everyone had left and I'd just watch all the beautiful butterflies.  I'd have picnics in the room on lunch break and I'd spend a whole lot of time there!

A writer... I'd make sure my book was written in first person (that's my favorite because it's more personal). It would have some sort of romance in it as well as some fantasy and adventure.  I sell it and hopefully it would become a bestseller!

A fashion designer.... I would do everything green first.  Then I would design ballerina- inspired clothing with a touch of France.  You know, pink-y, flowy dresses that some models wear? I love that style and I wish I could get away with wearing that all the time!

A boy (or a girl for any boys answering)... I would treat a girl right! I would pay for everything and open doors for her, I'd take care of her, but I wouldn't do everything for her. 

One of those random citizens who refuses to smile... I would smile back when that crazy girl passes me 20 times at the grocery store and smiles at me every time instead of just staring at her blankly like she's stupid, even if I think she is.

A ballerina... I'd put my heart and soul into dancing and I'd have a whole lot of fun!

Now it's your turn! Answer these "If I were"s yourself and comment, or make up your own and answer them.  It's a lot of fun! :D

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 20 Songs Chart

This site has the top 20 songs (hence the name). Plus, you can listen to the songs!  Love these songs!! Check it out!  I don't know about you guys, but I love Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".  Another fav is Katy Perry's "ET".
Top 20 Songs Chart

Mom's Birthday :)

 Today we celebrated my mommy's birthday!! It was a pretty good day- except for the rain that's pouring down right now.  I love the rain, but my mom had to cancel her walk. :/ It turned out pretty good though.  We woke her up with breakfast in bed!  We made her vegan waffles, breakfast potatoes, watermelon, and iced tea. 
First thing's first: flowers!!

I always sort out the different flowers and leaves first, pulling off all the leaves that could get wet because they rot in water.

With one vase, I did a criss-cross pattern with tape to help hold up the flowers.

Then I added flowers and leaves to look like this!

...and this.

Then to make vegan waffles!!


Once mixed, it looks like this.  (we added blueberries)

We also made breakfast potatoes!
 We had all that and watermelon for breakfast, bringing it to mom in bed :) (it's a tradition!)  She loved it!  For the recipes, look on my recipes page.
For lunch, we made salad! No, not lettuce and tomatoes- a real salad!

First I took a pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, and broccoli and cut them up.

Then we mixed them with the lettuce and spinach and some veggie chick nuggets(a special treat to add some stuff) Then we had bruschetta salad dressing which was soo good! It was Wish-Bone Bruschetta Italian- it's my new favorite salad dressing and I usually like homemade better!

For an afternoon treat, we had strawberries and sugar- not very healthy, but absolutely delicious and a good treat!!

Then for supper we made a stir fry!

...which included peppers


and we had fresh broccoli which we dipped in that bruschetta dressing!

We also had brown rice.  We had the stir fry on this.

And corn on the cob of course!

The stir-fry

Cooking it was fun! Don't forget to look on my recipes page to see the recipes!
Dinner was good- we ate outside on the patio- and just missed the rain! It's pouring buckets here, but I'm just glad it waited 'til now!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jersey Knit bracelet

These are so cool! I stole them from V and Co. http://www.vanessachristenson.com/ Love it! It's so much fun too and easy to make!  Here's how to make them:
First, you cut 1'' fabric strips from whatever- I used an old t-shirt.  As you can see, it wasn't very even, but it doesn't really matter.  I just eyed it.

 Then, when you have the strip, wind it around your fingers as shown above.

Then loop back around ring and pointer fingers as well.  Next, create one big loop around your 2 fingers.

 Then, take the loops on your fingers and pull them up over the big loop and each of your fingers.

 Keep doing this, tightening when you need to.  It will start to look like this.
 Then voila! You're done!  This was so much fun! It's usually done in pale colors for a beachy look too.

Hello Everyone!

Hi, my name is Amanda, Mandi for short.  I like crafts, fun quizzes, being vegan <3 , music, fashion, community service and activism, movies, and all sorts of things! You can find these things on my new blog!  I'll include stuff from all different genres and types,things for all types of teens (and anyone else i guess).   Hope you guys love it! Love ya!