Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Day

Purple Iris
There will never be a day when I will not love these mornings.  Waking up to the sun streaming through my window, covered in pillows and blankets, stretching and smelling breakfast.  These days are the best.  What makes this day even more perfect is the weather.  It is now spring, and the leaves are all out, even on the late trees, and the Iris' and Daffodils are in bloom.  The world is a blur of color and the sun gives just enough heat to allow for sundresses and flipflops!

Its important, to me, to recognize the beauty in the things we love.  I love our world, and because of this, I want to keep the world this beautiful.  Everyone has different reasons to stand up for things they believe in.  Whether it is something near to them, something they can relate to, something they love, or something that just makes sense, we have to find why we do what we do and fight for whatever it is we believe in.  If the world was perfect, there would be no reason to work, no reason to fight, no reason to live.  We, as human beings, need to have this passion or we'll all just fall apart.  So whatever it is, fight for what you believe in.

Yesterday, my puppy, Bella, attacked a mommy bird.  It was all I could do not to be cruel to her for harming another living being.  But I had to remember it was her instinct.  She is, after all, a bird dog.  But the poor bird stumbled into hiding to heal.  After making some desperate calls, the bird hopped out of hiding and started to fly.  It was amazing that the bird had healed so quickly, but apparently is supposed to.  And her babies had all left the nest, off to start their own families and live their own lives.  So, it was a happy ending!

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