Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello bloggers!

So far this summer has been crazy!  It has been lots of fun, but a little hectic as well.  I've taken up a new habit: making meals-all three!  And I can't help but get a little creative.  I'll be posting some new recipes soon! As for the list, I've gotten a couple finished!

I did spend a whole day in my PJ's, which may have been the laziest one to do, but yet totally worth it. On top of that, I also ran a road race! The road race was a lot of fun, and I ran with my dad.  The course was beautiful, complete with a land bridge over a lake and lots of trees! It was the windiest race I've ran for sure, but totally worth it.  I won first in my age group, complete with a trophy!  And, of course, got a free t-shirt!
Ready with our racing shoes on
I've got a few more things planned to do on my list soon! And I'm loving every moment of the summer!

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