Sunday, March 11, 2012

Animal Shelters vs. Pet Stores

So why is adopting animals so important, anyways?  Why does saving an animal, as opposed to buying an animal at, say, PETCO, make all the difference?

Well, for starters, many adoption centers need to euthanize animals when they can't find homes for them, since they don't want them to suffer out on the streets, and they don't have room for them anymore.
This is a very controversial subject.  On one side of the discussion, some say that it's better for an animal to be euthanized than suffering out on the streets. 
On the other hand, is it really better to kill an animal just because there's not enough room for them?  The fact is, there simply is not enough room in one place to fit all the animals they take in. 

But who says they have to stay there?  This is where people like us, everyday people with big hearts and backyards, take over and help the situation.  We adopt animals, rather than buy animals.  We open up our doors to those who need a place inside.

Another reason is the places you would be buying from.  Lets take PETCO, for example.  The store may look all nice and happy, but lets take a look behind their facade.  Their main supplier of animals has been Sun Pet, a supplier that likes to beat hamsters in a bag (attempting to kill them), severe crowding in rusting, sharp, cages, and simply abusing their animals.

Animals feel just as we do.  They are hurt by this physicaly, emotionaly, and mentaly.  This is not only cruel, but demeaning.

Buying animals from such places is supporting this cruelty.  In fact, you are actually paying them for it!
On the bright side, we don't have to give up our love for animals because we don't want to support injustice. Animal shelters are much kinder to animals, most of the time.  Of course, always check to see where your animal is coming from.  It's important to make sure that animal shelters and pet stores alike treat their animals as well as possible.  

I don't know about you, but I am grateful to be human, and grateful to be given the education to know what horrible things we must avoid and change. 

As of recently, PETA and PETCO have gotten in a little argument.  PETA's undercover investigaor revealed videos of Sun Pet employees beating their animals, and filed a complaint to USDA.  PETCO stands by Sun Pet and is not changing, at least yet.  So don't buy from Petco!

What is your opinion on euthanasia and petstores?  Do you have another side to the story? Please join the discussion, let your opinion show!  And please, before you buy, research! It is so important!