Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello bloggers!

So far this summer has been crazy!  It has been lots of fun, but a little hectic as well.  I've taken up a new habit: making meals-all three!  And I can't help but get a little creative.  I'll be posting some new recipes soon! As for the list, I've gotten a couple finished!

I did spend a whole day in my PJ's, which may have been the laziest one to do, but yet totally worth it. On top of that, I also ran a road race! The road race was a lot of fun, and I ran with my dad.  The course was beautiful, complete with a land bridge over a lake and lots of trees! It was the windiest race I've ran for sure, but totally worth it.  I won first in my age group, complete with a trophy!  And, of course, got a free t-shirt!
Ready with our racing shoes on
I've got a few more things planned to do on my list soon! And I'm loving every moment of the summer!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012

So that 101 in 1001 days list I told you about?  It's mostly my summer list, but there were so many things I had to make the time period a little longer.  Basically, I just want to see how many I can accomplish in the summer!  I'll be trying at least one challenge/idea/activity a day, so I'll be talking about them throughout the summer.  Here's my list if you're interested!

  1. Go on a long bike ride
  2. Get a massage! hehe
  3. Write a list of 25 things I like about myself
  4. Have my fortune told
  5. Wear a "free hugs" sign for a day
  6. Take a self defense class
  7. Make a spray paint tee shirt (like this one here!)
  8. Help create a mural
  9. Sleep under the stars
  10. Don't complain about anything for a week!
  11. Get a job
  12. Go to a concert
  13. Find out my blood type
  14. Host a board games night!
  15. Build a blanket fort and sleep in it
  16. Dance with someone in the rain :)
  17. Have a yard sale~raising for some summer plans perhaps?
  18. Organize a clothing swap partyy
  19. Reverse Pick-Pocket someone
  20. Base my decisions off a magic 8 ball for a day :)
  21. Spend a day without any technology
  22. Make rainbow roses~ like these
  23. Make a daisy chain
  24. Make an outdoor tepee and hang out in it's shade on a hot day
  25. Make one of these shrinky dink rings
  26. An "Elmer's Glue" tie dye shirt
  27. Make banana "ice cream"
  28. Dye my hair a funky color. I'm thinking maybe purple?
  29. Write to Ariel, yes the Little Mermaid! It needs to be done
  30. Make a solar night light
  31. Make faery houses
  32. Cover my room in fresh flowers
  33. Hold a water fight~complete with balloons, hoses, splashing, sprinklers, guns, and more!
  34. Go on a hike and have a real picnic!
  35. Write a letter to someone every day this summer
  36. Write another letter to someone who changed my life
  37. Swim in a river, or a brook, or similar.  That's always my favorite part of summer :)
  38. Shadow someone random for the day, just to see what its like in their shoes
  39. Play Marco Polo in the ocean
  40. Participate in a protest
  41. Create a finger paint masterpiece!
  42. Create an inspiration board/wall in my room :)
  43. Create an inspiration notebook as well.
  44. Fly a kite
  45. Play laser tag
  46. Learn something in another language
  47. Do yoga
  48. Read 5 books that are actually good
  49. Flashlight tag with friends
  50. Eat breakfast outside
  51. Get a henna tattoo :)
  52. Go Cliff Diving
  53. Leave an inspirational note on someone's car window 
  54. Leave "you're beautiful" post-its on public bathroom mirrors
  55. Play hide and seek at night
  56. bake a cake
  57. Learn how to change oil in my car
  58. Play truth or dare with as many people as possible
  59. Write to companies with satisfaction or complaint
  60. Read a whole book in one day
  61. Get my driver's license!
  62. Create a Summer playlist
  63. Apply for more scholarships
  64. Have everyone I meet in one day sign my shirt
  65. Send a message in a bottle
  66. Tie dye- shirts & shorts, sheet set :)
  67. Color an entire coloring book 
  68. Send a nice card to someone random in the phone book
  69. Wear a formal dress all day (in a casual setting)
  70. Conquer a fear
  71. Take an interesting online college class
  72. Jump into a lake on a rope swing
  73. Go rock climbing
  74. Watch a scary movie
  75. Go to the drive-in!
  76. Spend a day in my pj's :)
  77. Walk through a drive-thru and order :)
  78. Don't lie for a whole day
  79. Go swinging 
  80. Learn a classic dance, like the tango or a waltz
  81. Read a book under a tree
  82. Climb a tree
  83. Take an underwater photo
  84. Put vanilla pudding in a mayo jar and eat in public (haha)
  85. Run into a store, ask what year it is, yell "it worked!" and run out cheering (haha again!)
  86. Organize and Decorate my bedroom :)
  87. Go for a run at night!
  88. Run road races over the summer
  89. Cover Myself in Fake Tattoos
  90. Have a movie marathon
  91. Help animals
  92. Host a bonfire Party
  93. Say "yes" to everything for a day
  94. Learn the Bohemian Rhapsody Piano Cover by the end of the summer
  95. Attend a Midnight premiere of a movie
  96. Go white-water rafting again
  97. Note a good thing that happens every day
  98. Document A "Day in my life" photos
  99. Take a photo of each task completed
  100. Volunteer!
  101. Create a scrapbook of all the memories
I'll be keeping you updated on all the stuff I do! Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New Start

My Junior year of High School has just ended, and my Senior year has begun.  I have changed so much in the past year, I feel like a different person.  But I'm happy with where I am.  I've had my ups and downs throughout the year, there are bad memories and good memories.  But I don't regret any of it.  This summer I'm going to do everything I want.  I even made a list, one of those 101 in 1001 days lists.  My personality has become a little more down-to-earth than it was before, and I've moved some priorities around.  I'm not so focused on being successful, because my view of success have changed.  Two years ago I would have cringed hearing what I'm saying now.  But the school year's over now, and I still have my sights set on college, but afterwards maybe I won't look for the highest paying job I can find.  Maybe I really will take the job that I enjoy, and stop fooling myself into thinking its not what I want.  But now I'm even more determined to help animals, if only in my small way.

Sometimes I feel guilty for just being vegetarian.  You know that feeling when somebody asks you, "Are you vegetarian or vegan?" and everything in you just wants to say "I'm vegan!" but you have to tell the truth because they might catch you eating a cookie with eggs in it or a bean dip with cheese on top.  And then, there's always that voice inside my head that asks, "why aren't you vegan?" and I go through the whole, my parents are vegetarian, and it's easier to go to gatherings because there's more options to eat and I don't make people feel bad.  Its not that I'd miss the food.  I've been vegan most my life and I'd gladly do it again. So why aren't I?

This is the question I've been asking myself.  In the few weeks its been since I've really posted, I've been figuring out what exactly I'm doing with my life, and what I want to do.  And I've decided.

It's time to be vegan again! But this is what I say every time.  What makes this one so different?  It's that this time, I have a plan.  Starting off, I'll be vegan 3 days a week.  I can choose which days they are, but there has to be 3 days.  Its what seemed like the right way to do it with my personality.  What do you think?  Do you think it will work?

Have you ever had a similar problem?  What did you do about it?

Monday, June 4, 2012

School Disection

Many High Schools, Colleges, and even Elementary and Middle Schools disect animals in the classroom.  it is considered "learning", but what we are really teaching, in my opinion, is cruelty.

It is commonly believed that all animals used for disection are raised in captiviy.  This is not true.  Many animals are taken from the wild, including frogs, sharks, mudpuppies, salamanders, birds, snakes, turtles, fish, and others.  And there are, of course, the horror stories of what goes on in biological supply companies.

Pithing is another problem with animal disection, and I think the Humane Society describes it best:
"Pithing is a means of destroying an animal's central nervous system in order to study various physiological processes. Frogs and turtles are two species commonly used in pithing labs, and the procedure is commonly performed in undergraduate-level classes. If conducted properly, pithing severs the spinal cord of the live animal and destroys the brain by inserting a needle into the back of the skull and moving the needle around in order to "scramble" brain tissue; the needle is then inserted into the vertebral canal in order to destroy reflexes. The animal continues to function physiologically for hours following the pithing procedure. The HSUS is opposed to pithing of animals in the classroom and further believes that the overwhelming ethical and animal welfare concerns associated with pithing far outweigh its educational benefit, especially when there are suitable alternatives available to teach the same curriculum."
 Its my hope that we can end disection in the classroom, at least under the college level.  I understand that there could be many good "reasons" for dissecting on animals, and it is always under the name of educational purposes.  But how much can an elementary school student learn from dissecting animals? 

I remember being in 7th grade, and watching a class dissection of a fish.  It was bloody and smelly and hard to see what was going on.  I didn't learn anything, all I saw was the sacrificing of a fish to a bunch of kids who didn't want to be there. And I remember 10th grade dissection of cow eyes.  It was an extra project added to fill time, and had nothing to do with the curriculum.  I learned nothing except for what the inside of a cow eye looked like, and how does that help me?  These experiences were small compared to whole animal dissection, but it still seemed pointless and inhumane. 

Someday, maybe we'll live in a world where we'll all get along and we'll have respect for other living creatures.  Or maybe that's just a dream world.  Either way, I'm sure not afraid to dream.