About Me


My name is Amanda.  I call myself Mandi because, well, I like that name. It's my blogger name :)  I'm from a small town you've probably never heard of in Massachusetts.

From Google Maps- Massachusetts
  I love where we live.  We're close to the coast so we go on day trips to the beach easily.  Here we have plenty of trees and mountains too.  New England is my favorite place on Earth! <3 

Planting an Apple Tree :)
 I am a teenage girl in High School.  I want to do something in the environmental field when I grow up- maybe an ecologist or conservation practitioner or even a "green" fashion designer.  I love the environment and all living things.  I believe that animals hurt just as easily as we do and that plants can feel as well

A humane heart <3

I am vegan.  This is a huge part of who I am.  I don't eat any kind of animal product, and I don't own anything from animals either.   I try to do what I can to help animals.  It has been a dream of mine to stop animal testing. 
 Still wondering what this is? Check this out http://eclecticteen.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-is-veganvegetarian.html

I borrowed this from http://www.rnbhaven.com/ but I just love this!!! :)

I love music.  I play piano and I love to sing.  I'm really hoping for an electric keyboard for my birthday (which is a looong way away at the moment- try 8 mos.)  I love pop, oldies, jazz, classic rock, rap, alternative, and many others.  There is no music that I don't really like except for country.  I don't know why, but living in a country town where everyone seems to love country doesn't convince me to like it.
Look at this for good music: http://eclecticteen.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-20-songs-chart.html
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 My brother, and me
I love my family and friends.  I'm saying this because they're all apart of me.  You hurt one of them and you are so dead! I've gotten into many fights (just yelling lol I couldn't handle anything physical) and have started a lot of trouble before because of my temper, that seems to come out a lot when the ones I love are involved!

Me and my Daddy :)

 One random thing about me?
I am different every day.  Some days I love the beachy stuff- sundresses, floral shirts and skirts, white walls and white-washed  furniture; other days I love the rock look- heavy eyeliner and t-shirts with jeans;  sometimes I like the pretty girlie look- pink, floral ruffles and lots of sparkly jewelry, flowers and butterflies!  I change everyday and that's why my room is a bunch of eclectic things. 

What's in my room?
I have bright green walls, white wooden blinds, a floral curtain for closet doors, a white comforter with artistic huge flowers, a white desk for makeup, homework, etc. and my great-grandmother's chair-mahogany with white and green upholestry.  I love that chair and will never get rid of it.  Behind my bed is an old mantle whitewashed and covered with little trinkets- a beautiful fairy snowglobe, red marbles in a vase, and lots of candles. 

Property of http://www.ptable.com/
 I also love to read and learn.  I'm a bit of a dork in this way. hahaha :)  I love science- biology and chemistry, that is.  I also hate math even though it's my best class every year!!grr...  

I also love a bunch of random, fun things.  I loove crafts!!! They are good for the environment (reusing!) , good for the wallet (a lot cheaper!), and much healthier and fun!!  Check out my Jersey Knit Bracelet http://eclecticteen.blogspot.com/p/crafts.html
and my t-shirt tote bag http://eclecticteen.blogspot.com/2011/07/t-shirt-bags.html!

I also love making Jewelry!! I have a line of "A" Jewelry that will soon be for sale, check it out here: http://eclecticteen.blogspot.com/p/jewelry-by-amanda.html

I am a total eclectic teen.  You can tell just by the things I own! My skullcandy headphones are draped over my bubblegum pink ipod speaker,  my cd's range from eminem to sara barelleis to hillary duff!  I have vegan books next to horror stories, fantasy/romance novels, and science-fiction books.  I am many things! I hope you all like my blog!  I hope I learn as much from you as you've just learned from me! (excuse my rambling... I tend to write a lot sometimes!!)  Love you all!! <3  


"Love all living things!"


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