This page is about taking other materials and recycling them into something beautiful!

Jersey Knit bracelet

These are so cool! I stole them from V and Co. Love it! It's so much fun too and easy to make!  Here's how to make them:
First, you cut 1'' fabric strips from whatever- I used an old t-shirt.  As you can see, it wasn't very even, but it doesn't really matter.  I just eyed it.

 Then, when you have the strip, wind it around your fingers as shown above.

Then loop back around ring and pointer fingers as well.  Next, create one big loop around your 2 fingers.

 Then, take the loops on your fingers and pull them up over the big loop and each of your fingers.

 Keep doing this, tightening when you need to.  It will start to look like this.
 Then voila! You're done!  This was so much fun! It's usually done in pale colors for a beachy look too.