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Top 20 Songs Chart

This site has the top 20 songs (hence the name). Plus, you can listen to the songs!  Love these songs!! Check it out!  I don't know about you guys, but I love Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".  Another fav is Katy Perry's "ET".
Top 20 Songs Chart

Vegan artists/bands to listen to:

Mickey Madden from Maroon 5  (Read an article about him and veganism)
Bryan Adams (Check out what he thinks of it here)
Prince (I know, but he was voted sexiest vegetarian haha)
Carrie Underwood (not much of a country fan, but she is Vegan and I respect that)
Adam Yauch, drummer of Beastie Boys (he says being vegan can cure cancer!)
Adam Young, a.k.a. owl city is vegetarian (check this out.  it's not about him vegan, but it's a totally hilarious interview and I love it!!!)
The Rakes (a cool British band, here's a link to their music)

Bands for Animal Rights:

Gwen Stacy
Sleeping Giant
MyChildren MyBride
(these bands are Christian Metal Bands, check out a cool interview on their views here)
Shelter (check out their music)
Rise Against (Here's a video)
The Smiths (Check out this video)
AFI (Here's a video of their song Beautiful Theives)